Dedicated to pushing the boundaries of imaging.

With over 40 years of camera lens innovation and craftsmanship,
we aim to provide a new generation of lenses that will allow every photographer and
videographer to share their unique perspective with the world.


Where innovation and visual storytelling meet.

We approach everything we do from the perspective of photographers and videographers to ensure our innovations stay meaningful and meet the needs of our users.

Our advanced, high quality camera lenses are purposely engineered to enable every individual to fully explore their creativity and to tell their story.

We want to give many thanks to all who have cared for us and have been with us all along. As many of you know, our company has specialized, for over 40 years, in manufacturing professional optical lenses. And, such accumulation of techniques and performance have successfully led not only to manufacturing and selling high-quality, interchangeable camera lenses, CCTV lenses, and others, but also to expand the brand power of “SAMYANG OPTICS” to different parts of the world. Considering customer satisfaction as our number one priority, our Samyang Optics staff members have been putting in utmost effort on developing new products and broadening the scope of our business with various optical products and application systems. Merging our long years of experience in this field with newly developed technology, we, Samyang, hope to become the center of optical technologies to better suit your needs.

We will continue to work towards creating the best possible customer value beyond the ordinary. We sincerely ask for your consistent support and interest, with which “SAMYANG OPTICS” will gleam and shine ever brighter. Please keep an eye on us while we remain steadfastly dedicated to building a profitable company that stands shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best optical companies.

Samyang, with its dear customers, aims to make constant breakthroughs and creative innovations based on its past history and accomplishments. While the competition for business continues to intensify, we seek hard to find our comparative strategic advantage, so as to establish Samyang as the leading brand in optical lens industry. That is, to set our sharp and accurate focus down on the constantly evolving world for future preparation, to take a more systematic and state-of-the-art approach, and to finally do our earnest best for fulfilling our objective. Samyang will offer ample amount of support towards administering the company’s business, from founding a communicating network among the company staffs to devising strategies to achieve the best work efficiency in the workplace.

Thank you.
Samyang Optics, President & CEO Hwang, Choong Hyun


  • AF 45mm F1.8 FE
  • AF 85mm F1.4 F
  • MF 14mm F2.8 Z, MF 85MM F1.4 Z for Nikon Z
  • AF 85mm F1.4 FE
  • MF 14mm F2.8 RF, MF 85mm F1.4 RF for Canon RF
  • Premium Manual Focus Lens XP 10mm F3.5


  • Premium Manual Focus Lens XP 35mm F1.2
  • MF 85mm F1.8 ED UMC CS for mirrorless, APS-C
  • Autofocus 14mm F2.8 F for Nikon F
  • Autofocus 14mm F2.8 EF, 85mm F1.4 EF for Canon EF
  • TIPA AWARD 2018 (AF 35mm F2.8 FE)
  • Red Dot Design Award (AF,XP,XEEN)


  • Mirrorless AF 35mm F1.4 FE Photo Lens
  • Premium Manual Focus Lens XP 14mm F2.4 for Nikon
  • Mirrorless AF 35mm F2.8 FE Photo Lens
  • Full Frame VDSLR 16mm T2.6 Cine Lens
  • Named WORLD CLASS 300 Enterprise by the Korean Government
  • XEEN 20mm T1.9
  • Listed on KOSDAQ
  • iF Design Award (Auto Focus Lens)


  • GOOD DESIGN Award (XP)
  • E-Photozine Gear of the Year (XP 85mm)
  • Premium MF 14mm F2.4
  • Premium MF 85mm F1.2
  • Mirrorless AF 14mm F2.8 FE Photo Lens
  • Mirrorless AF 50mm F1.4 FE Photo Lens
  • XEEN 16mm T2.6
  • DSLR 20mm F1.8 Photo, T1.9 Cine Lens
  • Mirrorless 35mm F1.2 Photo, T1.3 Cine Lens
  • XEEN 135mm T2.2
  • XEEN 14mm T3.1
  • XEEN 35mm T1.5


  • DSLR 135mm F2.0 Photo, T2.2 Cine Lens
  • DSLR 100mm Macro F2.8 Photo, T3.1 Cine Lens
  • Mirrorless 21mm F1.4 Photo, T3.1 Cine Lens
  • Mirrorless 50mm F1.2 Photo, T1.3 Cine Lens
  • Launched XEEN : Professional Video-Cine Lens Brand


  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 10mm F2.8, 10mm T3.1, 12mm F2.0
  • Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens 8mm T3.1, 7.5mm T3.8, 12mm T2.2, 300mm F6.3
  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 50mm F1.4, 50mm T1.5
  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 12mm F2.8, 12mm T3.1
  • VIP ASIA Awards 2014 Item : 50mm T1.5


  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens TS 24mm F3.5
  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 300mm F6.3
  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 16mm F2.0


  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 24mm F1.4
  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 8mm F2.8
  • The 49th Trade Day ’30 Million Dollar Export Tower’ Award


  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 7.5mm F3.5


  • Developed and released DSLR Interchangeable Lens 14mm F2.8
  • Film video photo award- Video part
  • item : 8mm F3.5 Aspherical IF MC Fisheye
  • host : Film Video Foto(Poland)
  • winner : Foto-tip
  • Gear of the Year award Best Budget Lens
  • item : 85mm F1.4
  • host : Digital Photo, Practical Photography(England)


  • DSLR Interchangeable Lens 8mm F3.5


  • DDSLR Interchangeable Lens 85mm F1.4


  • CCTV Mega Pixel Lens
  • HYBRID Aspheric Lens
  • PLASTIC Aspheric Lens


  • ISO 14001 Certified


  • Specialized Parts & Materials Manufacturer Certified


  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • New Head Office and Factory
  • Company name changed to Samyang Optics Co., Ltd.
  • 32nd Precise Technology Promotion Winner
  • (Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)


  • CCTV Lens (550,2810,358)


  • Promising Export Business Corporation Nominee (Small Business Corporation)


  • Presidential Award (Science Technology Promotion Association)


  • Bronze Tower Industry Medal


  • Established the Annex Research Institution Industrial Packing & 20million Exporter Winner (Foreign Trade


  • 10million Exporter Winner (Foreign Trade Association)


  • Company name changed to Samyang Optical Co., Ltd


  • Incorporated (Korea WAKO Co., Ltd)

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